Hurricane Irma's Path of Destruction

95% of the island of St. Martin has been destroyed by Hurricane Irma.

95% of the island of St. Martin has been destroyed by Hurricane Irma.

Hurricane Irma has left a trail of utter destruction in its wake, with 12 fatalities already. The category 5 hurricane is expected to make landfall in Florida over the weekend.

Trump Supporters Are Sheep


It is fair to say that Donald Trump's actions and words are bizarre and unhinged. More dangerous for the unity and future of the country is the fact that Trump supporters are sheep.


Facebook and Google Ban Payday Loans

payday loan.jpg

Facebook and Google have taken big steps forward in social responsibility by banning so-called 'payday loans'. Discover how payday lenders are fighting back and read about 'sms loans' - the new frontier in payday lending.


AAA Concreting - A Unique National Concrete Network


Under the umbrella brand of AAA Concreting, a national network of independently owned and operated concreting businesses has come together to provide a full range of concrete services to residents and businesses across the U.S.


What Is Sous Vide Cooking and Why Is It Taking Over Home Kitchens?


heston blumenthal

If you are a fan of cooking shows you will have heard about sous vide cooking. Sous vide techniques have been popularized by celebrity chefs such as Heston Blumenthal and are now taking over home kitchens. Discover why you can cook the perfect steak - time after time.