Five Reasons Hayley Williams Is A Great Role Model

Five Reasons Hayley Williams Is A Great Role Model

By Katrina Caluza

Hayley Williams has been in the band Paramore for more than a decade. However, there are reasons why she’s such a great model, both in music and in life.

 1. She’s a strong individual all round.

Paramore has gone through some “hard times” and may have hit rock bottom at some points, but she has always executed positivity throughout her music career.

  2. She’s not afraid to write her true feelings in her lyrics.

Each Paramore song is like a diary of how much Hayley and Paramore have transformed throughout the past decade. From their RIOT! Record to their self titled album as well as their new album After Laughter, plus the other albums in between, they’ve transformed.

3. She savors every moment.

 Hayley never disappoints in her performances. She executes so much energy - singing and dancing with the crowd. When they perform Misery Business, they choose an audience member to sing, and not only does she connect with her fan, but the whole Paramore fan base does as well. It doesn’t matter what city Paramore is performing in because she cherishes and makes wonderful memories, wherever she may be.

   4. She has built her own brand.

 For years, Hayley has changed her hair color. The fans can clearly see her spontaneous nature shine through with her hair color choices; ranging from bright red to orange, pink, and even teal.

Hayley wanted to do more than music, so around 2012, she started learning about business. This led to Hayley starting her own hair dye company, Good Dye Young in 2016.

   5. She always has something inspirational to say.

 Every time Paramore performs, Hayley always has phenomenal stage presence. Before an acoustic song, she says a few words about how music is always here for us. Also, one of her famous quotes is “B.O.Y" which means Beware Of  You. This reflects the fact that we have a choice to either live positively or pursue the negative path of self destruction. This is a mantra that she has followed throughout her career and she invites us, her fans, to apply it to our daily lives too.

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